Monday, 18 December 2017


Genting highlands for the short time. 

The cable car ride is one of Genting Highland's most popular tourist attractions, providing a picturesque method of travel to the peak that overlooks rainforest valleys stretching all the way to Kuala Lumpur city on a good day. Awana Skyway is the primary cable car line that begins from Awana Station near Gohtong Jaya town that ends at SkyAvenue shopping mall on the summit, able to ferry 3,000 people every hour at full capacity. The 2.8km ride takes ten minutes with gondolas that accommodate ten passengers; a premium glass-bottomed type seats six visitors with a view of ground below. Visitors can park at Awana Car Park where 4,500 bays are available; rides occur daily from 7am till midnight. When Awana Skyway is closed for maintenance, the older Genting Skyway provides an alternative cable car route.

depan awana sky sebelum naik cable car

im too excited and gayat dudk atas ni

naik turun cable car. jauh jugak.

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